about us

Exquadrum is Innovation's Prime Contractor™


Research & Development
and Technical Services

Exquadrum, Inc. is “Innovation’s Prime Contractor!” We create value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems with the future as our deliverable.

The name, Exquadrum, is built upon Latin phrases to communicate that “Thinking Outside the Box” is in the very DNA of our company and that innovation itself is our primary product.

Exquadrum has a vertically integrated creation process.

Our customers bring us their greatest challenges and we apply our disciplined process which steps through the phases of invention, engineering, design, analysis, fabrication, and testing – all within our in-house Team.

Exquadrum has applied the company’s inspired approach to achieve insanely great results in rocket propulsion, product design, renewable energy, and technical services. We look forward to working with you to achieve world-class results!