visiting exquadrum

Exquadrum is Innovation's Prime Contractor™

If you are planning to visit Exquadrum, here is some information to help make your visit as productive and pleasant as possible. We also want to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for you and your information as well as for our people, property, and information. We appreciate your compliance with our security requirements.

General Visitor Information

All visitors of Exquadrum must be US citizens and must provide proof of citizenship. Acceptable proofs of citizenship are an original birth certificate, US Passport or Passport card. For more information about this, please contact our Facility Security Officer, or 760-530-7928. For collateral visits, please send requests via encrypted email to Exquadrum FSO or via the preferred method: via DISS. Company SMO: 3C9G84.

Note: Before individuals transmit personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data to Exquadrum, it is recommended that they apply appropriate physical, administrative, and technical protocols to safeguard their privacy. Once Exquadrum receives PII or sensitive data, we secure it from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

All visitors entering or exiting this facility are subject to an inspection of their personal effects, to include bags, briefcases, totes, computer cases, and luggage, to preclude the unauthorized introduction or removal of classified material.

All approved visitors to Exquadrum are escorted throughout the facility by an authorized member of Exquadrum staff.

Please note, electronic devices that have the ability to capture images (e.g., cell phones) or sound are allowed at Exquadrum. However, photography and video recording are prohibited anywhere in the Exquadrum facility unless approved by Exquadrum Security.

Items that can be used as weapons are strictly prohibited from being brought into the facility. Some examples of prohibited items: firearms, explosive or ammunition, weapon replicas, recreational equipment (crossbows), clubs, nun chucks or other martial art devices, alcohol, drugs/drug paraphernalia, hazardous liquids, or any other item deemed a threat to employees or visitors.

Smoking and tobacco use are authorized in designated areas.


We are located 50 miles from Ontario International Airport, 100 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, and 190 miles from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

There are several hotels within a 15 mile radius of Exquadrum. Below are a few links of national hotel chains in the area.

Restaurant Row in Victorville has many dining options within a few minutes drive. Here is a short list of restaurants you can visit.