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Victorville, CA –Exquadrum, Inc and DeVoll Rubber MFG Group,Inc are working together to produce the next generation of hypersonic boost glide upper stage rocket motors. The two companies are co-located at Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) in Victorville, CA just minutes from each other and have been working together on the High Desert Manufactures Council to better prepare the region for an increased manufacturing presence. Exquadrum’s need for a custom rubber formulation and specialty processing led them to contract with DeVoll Rubber, who is an expert in developing unique rubber solutions for demanding applications.

The development of the special rubber product occurred with Exquadrum engineers and DeVoll’s manufacturing specialists working together to find the exact solution for the challenging rocket application that Exquadrum required.Exquadrum’s President, Eric Schmidt, is extremely happy to be working with the DeVoll family, saying, “Being able to work side-by-side with John and Stacy DeVoll to develop this solution has been very rewarding, not only because they are a local provider of aerospace-grade rubber products, but also because this demonstrates the value in attracting and maintaining technology companies at SCLA and the wider Mojave River Valley as a whole.”

DeVoll Rubber, who moved to SCLA in 2016, is a family owned and run business whose move enabled them to expand their fabrication capabilities and increase their offering to their customers. Supervisor Robert Lovingood was instrumental in their transition to SCLA and the work they are collaborating on with Exquadrum demonstrates the value of building an aerospace and aviation center in the region at SCLA. Stacy DeVoll, Vice President of DeVoll Rubber said, “This project is an excellent example of the potential for growth that this area holds. Southern California has a rich tradition of aerospace development and SCLA is prime for innovation and growth opportunities.” Although producing insulation for rocket motors has never been performed by DeVoll Rubber before, their decades of expertise in high-performance rubbers and working closely with Exquadrum’s engineers led to the successful test of Exquadrum’s latest rocket motor.

About Exquadrum
Exquadrum means “outside the box” (both literally & figuratively) and indicates a dedication to creative research through an open and unconstrained approach to development. Exquadrum Inc. specializes in assembling and leading teams of in-house and associate personnel from around the world to overcome the most demanding technical challenges in order to design, build, and test highly effective systems.The company has extensive experience in both the commercial and defense aerospace communities. Government customers include the United States Air Force, the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and others. For more information visit

About DeVoll Rubber
DeVoll Rubber MFG Group is a custom rubber manufacturer flexible enough to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. As a rubber fabricator specializing in finding solutions, DeVoll Rubber has become an expert in tackling jobs for customers from the automotive industry, to oil and gas, to special effects in the film industry. With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, DeVoll Rubber is confident it can help solve its customers rubber needs.