Exquadrum is Innovation's Prime Contractor™

Exquadrum has extensive analysis and computational capabilities that support engineering solutions from conceptual studies to detailed design. Analysis is performed using a variety of commercial, open source, and in-house codes. Analysis capabilities include:

  • Computational flow analysis of rocket engines, injectors, nozzles, cooling channels, etc.
  • Finite Element Analysis of components and structures including heat transfer, vibration, fatigue, elastoplastic, non-linear etc.
  • Chemical equilibrium calculations for theoretical performance analysis (ISP, Cstar, etc.)
  • Engine and motor performance estimates, combustion efficiency, nozzle performance estimates
  • Vehicle performance and trajectory analysis
  • Fluid network flow analysis to analyze liquid test stands, cooling circuits
  • EXROC proprietary code to analyze hybrid and solid propulsive performance
  • Custom inhouse codes for reducing test data
  • Turbopump rotating machinery codes – mean line analysis, secondary flow analysis, rotordynamics