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Rocket & Energetics Testing & Evaluation (T&E)

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Testing is at the heart of verifying and validating technologies and engineering systems. At Exquadrum we have invested heavily in testing capabilities to include a seven acre test complex situated central to a much larger buffer region which provides ample quantity-distance to perform a wide variety of testing programs. Within this complex there are three test pads, a test control center, a solid propellant mix laboratory including oxidizer processing, and explosive magazines.

The three test pads deliver capabilities to test component-level subsystems all the way up to 50,000 lbf rocket systems, in a future expansion. Each pad is designed to be fully modular to allow test campaigns to be quickly setup and then executed. As part of this modular approach, Exquadrum’s data acquisition systems are fully portable and scalable, providing instrumentation connections to any type of sensor measurement needed (Voltage, Current, Pulse, etc.) at data rates of 1,000 Hz all the way up to 1 MHz, depending on the application. Channel number is also easily scalable, with the ability to acquire data for just a few sensors to 100’s.

In addition to sensor data, video is also recorded and streamed to the control room. This includes high definition video, infrared video, and high-speed video. All of this video is synced to the sensor data by means of a precision time protocol (PTP) time server that allows for synchronization to within a microsecond.

Exquadrum’s material properties lab consists of an impact tester, differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), and tensile tester. With these we are able to test the physical properties of both liquid and solid propellants, including impact sensitivity, yield strength, elasticity, temperature sensitivity and other material properties.