Consolidated Hazardous & Energetic Material Management Services (CHEMMS) at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) RQ-West detachment at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

The CHEMMS contact supported operations for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) RQ-West detachment at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. This performance work statement (PSW) detailed support requirements associated with Hazardous Material (HM) and Hazardous Waste (HW) Management at the AFRL. Exquadrum provided all support functions defined under DOD and AF directives to assist the AFRL in the implementation of Federal, State, County and local Safety, Health, and Environmental compliance programs. This support included the management of HM to include chemicals, fuels/propellants, munitions/explosives and HW and environmental protection and performance monitoring.

Exquadrum provided control, maintenance, technical and logistics support for HM and HW (including operating the site HAZMART) and rocket fuels/propellants (including operating the site fuels/propellants storage area). In addition, we provided munitions/energetic storage/transportation operational support and vehicle control administrative support. This support serves RDT&E operations at the AFRL as well as other host base and tenant organizations as required. Exquadrum was responsible for managing approval/order processing, inventory, maintenance, inspection, storage/handling, safety and security of hazardous and accountable assets worth over $10M. Exquadrum was responsible for customer service, quality control of documents, records management, work center scheduling, managing work center training program In addition, we were responsible for data processing in government material management systems used for asset/process approval, tracking and inventory management of over 10,000hazardous chemicals/gases, over 4000 munitions/energetics and over 50 vehicles. Exquadrum provided all labor, supervision, vehicles, equipment, tools, materials and other items and services to perform these functions

During the performance of the four-year contract (base with three option years), Exquadrum established a complete solution for the AF and ensured that all aspects of the PWS and the evolving customer requirements were met. This was especially important as the CHEMMS contract was a new support vehicle for the AFRL. Throughout the four-year term, Exquadrum provided exemplary performance as summarized in exceptional contractor performance assessment reports (CPARs).