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Eric Schmidt, President

Exquadrum Celebrates Two Decades of Innovation and Growth
A Heritage of Providing Engineering Creativity and Technical Services Solutions

VICTORVILLE, CA, 2 Dec 2022 – Exquadrum has celebrated its 20th anniversary as a small business providing innovative research and development solutions and customer focused technical services to the aerospace, defense, and commercial space sectors. During those 20 years, Exquadrum has bucked the odds and successfully grown its business from pure research and development (R&D) to technical services, manufacturing, and testing services. With only 25% of small businesses making it past the 15 year mark, Exquadrum continues to be innovation’s prime contractor, delivering insanely great products and innovative technical services to meet our customer’s greatest challenges.

In celebration of this milestone in the company’s history, a company-wide gathering at Exquadrum’s new headquarters was held. The community was invited to celebrate with Exquadrum’s team and family. With over 120 people in attendance, the celebration highlighted the impact Exquadrum and its founders, Eric Schmidt, President, and Kevin Mahaffy, CEO, have made in the community. Said Eric Schmidt of the company’s success, “Kevin and I started this company with the desire to invent game-changing technologies for our country’s defense and space exploration programs. We have accomplished those goals and see how our efforts, our facilities, and our team are well prepared to continue this innovation into the future as we look to build on local people, property, and prosperity.”

With global recognition for its research and development in solid rocket motors and energetics, Kevin Mahaffy commented, “Despite being a small business, Exquadrum has competed successfully with aerospace giants to develop systems and technologies from leading-edge hypersonic missile systems to the testing of rockets that will soon be landing payloads on the moon. We have demonstrated we know how to design, analyze, fabricate and test advanced systems and components, which have met our customer’s most challenging requirements.”

The future looks bright for Exquadrum as it grows in size and capability to deliver new technologies and systems in solid rockets, energetics, advanced rocket cycles, manufacturing, and testing services. Exquadrum’s growth is occurring nationally to provide advanced technical services in scientific and engineering applications and base support services. It will be exciting to track Exquadrum’s progress during the next 20 years!