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Kevin E. Mahaffy
Chief Executive Officer

Exquadrum Demonstrates a Tactical Air-to-Air Solid Rocket Motor
Advanced solid propellant development enables high-performance air-to-air missiles

VICTORVILLE, CA, 12 September 2022 – Exquadrum has achieved a successful static test of a new solid rocket motor for tactical air-to-air missile applications. The 1,000-lbf thrust-class motor was tested at Exquadrum’s FORGE test site located at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, CA. This exciting motor firing completes a static test series that clears the way for the motor to proceed to ground-launch flight testing at the end of 2022 and demonstrates Exquadrum’s solid rocket motor design, fabrication, and testing capabilities.

This tactical motor was the first complete static qualification program using a new solid propellant formulation specifically developed for tactical applications. Exquadrum’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Mahaffy, stated that “The rocket motor flight demonstration program planned for later in the year will raise the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of Exquadrum’s new solid propellant and prepare it for rapid transition to other tactical programs.”

Exquadrum has a comprehensive solid propellant capability that spans computational chemical modeling, initial formulation, characterization, incremental scale-up, and full-scale motor static testing. This full spectrum of solid propellant infrastructure was crucial to the 32-inch diameter motor that was successfully hot-fired on the DARPA Operational Fires (OpFires) program recently at Exquadrum’s FORGE test site. The company designs and fabricates tactical rocket motor cases and nozzles for a standard range of missile diameters. In addition, Exquadrum recently brought online the capacity for flight-weight igniter and starter cartridges for microturbine and liquid rocket engine applications.

In order to support future flight testing, Exquadrum is building a missile integration facility in its new 70,000 square foot headquarters. The company will continue to enhance capability throughout 2023 in all lines of its rocket development programs, from liquid rockets engines, to solid rocket motors, and its newest hypergolic testing capability. Exquadrum is currently experiencing rapid growth, expanding and investing heavily in its staff, machine tools, and facilities in order to serve a growing list of customers for tactical, space, and missile defense applications.