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Exquadrum, Inc. Achieves AS9100 Quality Management Recertification from NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR)
AS9100 recertification for aviation, space and defense organizations demonstrates Exquadrum, Inc.’s commitment to aerospace industry expectations

VICTORVILLE, CA  October 14, 2022– Exquadrum is pleased to announce the successful recertification of its AS9100 Quality Management System (QMS). Exquadrum’s registered scope is: “Engineering, Analysis, Design, and Fabrication for Aerospace, Space, Defense, and Commercial Products”. The recertification audit, conducted by NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF -ISR), included a thorough vetting and examination of Exquadrum’s QMS and its dedication to exceeding customer requirements, continuous improvement, and effectiveness in monitoring customer satisfaction. As a provider of advanced energetic and rocket propulsion systems, this recertification demonstrates Exquadrum’s ability to deliver these next generation systems and meet the demanding quality requirements of the Department of Defense, NASA, and commercial new space customers.

“Exquadrum’s quality management team did an amazing job throughout this last year implementing policies and procedures from our initial certification and then refining our program for our Aerospace customers and within Exquadrum itself, as we grow and develop exciting new programs,” said Exquadrum’s Director of Operations, Brian Bowers. After internal peer evaluation assessments, and a quality management review with leadership, key personnel, and company executives, the quality management team prepared all documentation needed and requested by the auditor and was issued a recertification without any findings or corrections. Mr. Bowers led the recertification effort which included a professional internal team who helped develop Exquadrum’s QMS and refined it through continuous improvement over the last year by working with its staff and customers.

As the company continues to grow and pivot from pure research and development to products driven by its innovative and revolutionary technologies, Exquadrum has further matured its process control and quality systems geared toward its ever-increasing customer base. Paramount to the success of these new business opportunities is Exquadrum’s new 70,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing headquarters, and its energetics and rocket propulsion test site, FORGE, in close proximity. Coupled with its patented rocket propulsion technologies and manufacturing methods, Exquadrum is well-placed to provide new propulsion systems for the latest booster, sustainer, and missile system applications needed by its customers.