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VICTORVILLE, CA, May 17, 2021 – Victor Valley College inducted President Eric Schmidt into its Alumni Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The Alumni Hall of Fame and Distinguished Service Awards honor local champions for their works of community service and passion for educational pursuits. The Victor Valley College Foundation inducts just one person each year to the Alumni Hall of Fame and inductees have a plaque with their picture and name displayed in the student union. “I am honored to be recognized by the institution where my educational journey began. There are many deserving recipients in the Mojave River Valley, and to be chosen amongst them is truly a privilege,” said Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt enrolled at Victor Valley College while still in high school to get a jump start on his collegiate education. Eric transferred to Cal Poly Pomona and gradated in 1992 with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and started his career at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (AFRPL) at Edwards Air Force Base. While at AFRPL he became a lead engineer on the team responsible for the research and development of future liquid rocket propulsion technologies, eventually managing the Nation’s leading technology development program for cryogenic upper stage rocket engines.

In 2002, Eric co-founded Exquadrum Inc., an innovative aerospace research and development contractor. As President, Eric has played an integral role in securing and successfully performing on many Department of Defense and NASA research contracts ranging from hypersonic wind tunnel component development, blast wave pressure sensors, and, of course, rocket technology. He has been awarded multiple patents with the US Patent Office from this research. In the last 18 years, Eric has steadily grown Exquadrum to a multimillion-dollar corporation developing new inventions and technologies to aid our Nation’s warfighters, while employing over 60 engineers, technicians, and business staff at three locations in California.

Eric Schmidt is passionate about education and his community which he continually demonstrates through his involvement with both civic and educational initiatives. Eric served as President of the Victor Valley College Foundation, and as a Board Member, from 2012-2018, where he helped raise over $500,000 towards student success.

Eric Schmidt has given of his time and talents to help local high school and Victor Valley College students obtain real world, hands-on experience in math and science by being a guest lecturer and overseeing tours of Exquadrum’s facilities. Eric’s motto in life is simple, “lift where you stand,” and he exemplifies that motto each and every day as he provides guidance and support to students across the Mojave River Valley.

“The most significant lesson I’ve learned over nearly 30 years in rocket engineering is that the community is small and that building relationships has been extremely important to my career,” Eric says. “Technologies will change, companies will change, budgets will change, but making sure that strong and lasting relationships are maintained throughout all those changes is something that is in your control, and ultimately yields the most happiness.”

Exquadrum, Inc.

Exquadrum means “outside the box” (both literally & figuratively) and indicates a dedication to creative research through an open and unconstrained approach to development. Exquadrum Inc. specializes in assembling and leading teams of in-house and associate personnel from around the world to overcome the most demanding technical challenges in order to design, build, and test highly effective systems. The company has extensive experience in both the commercial and defense aerospace communities. Government customers include the United States Air Force, the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and others. For more information visit