Exquadrum is Innovation's Prime Contractor™


Highly Effective Systems

Exquadrum means outside the box (both literally & figuratively) and indicates a dedication to creative thought through an open and unconstrained approach to development.

Exquadrum was founded by engineers with special projects experience gained from working on behalf of various components of the Department of Defense. Exquadrum’s vision is to be a producer of innovative technology for government, military and industry customers. Exquadrum’s key personnel have over 130 years of combined experience in research and development.

As a prime contractor for innovation, Exquadrum specializes in assembling and leading teams of in-house and associate personnel from around the world to overcome the most demanding technical challenges in order to design, build, and test highly effective systems.

Exquadrum has extensive experience in the commercial and defense aerospace communities. We serve private corporations in need of outsourced innovation. Our Government customers include the US Air Force, the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, among others.

Our clients have called on us to perform a wide variety of projects including:

  • Space Launch Vehicle Design
  • Propellant Development
  • Gas-Generator Design
  • Propulsion System Testing
  • Test Facility Design
  • Non-Lethal Munitions Development
  • Development of Systems to Neutralize Chemical and Biological Weapons